Wambach's broken leg mars US win over Brazil

JsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? SAN DIEGO (AP) — On a night when the United States woman should have been eyeing the upcoming Olympics, they were dealt a crushing blow to their gold medal hopes when Abby Wambach broke her left leg.Wambach, the team's leading scorer, was carted off the field after a violent collision in the first half of a 1-0 win over Brazil. Wambach is expected to be out for 12 weeks and will miss the Olympics, which start in three weeks.Wambach fractured both her tibia and fibula and will have surgery Thursday to have a titanium rod inserted into her leg."I was very emotional," U.S. captain Lindsay Tarpley said of seeing Wambach taken off the field. "She is one of my best friends."The match, the Americans' final tuneup before they begin defense of their Olympic title, was won on Natasha Kai's second-half goal. Kai replaced Wambach on the field."My heart sank," Kai said. "We need her. She's a big piece of a great team."Wambach went down ha...
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17.7.08 11:17

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